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Microwave Ovens & Steamers

Microwave Oven

Built-In Microwaves with Major Possibilities

Choose from a collection of Combi Convection, Combi Grill & Combi Steam models with advanced features that transform your microwave into a true second oven

40 Ltr Crisp Microwave Oven

40L Crisp Microwave Oven

KMQCX 45600

31 Ltr Combi Microwave Oven

31L Combi Microwave Oven

KMQCX 38600

34 Ltr Combi Steamer

34L Combi Steamer

KOQCX 45600


Unique Features

3D Microwave cooking system

3D Microwave Cooking System

KitchenAid MWO uses an advanced and patented 3D microwave emission system that combines a dual emission system, turntable & the wall reflection of microwaves, guaranteeing a complete microwave saturation of the cavity, enabling best results even in basic cooking operation like defrost and reheat.

CRISP Technology

CRISP Technology

Quick and evenly cooked food without overcooking, undercooking or drying out. Traditional oven results in a faster way. No preheating needed.

Sensor Cooking Technology

Sensor Cooking Technology

After selecting the type of food which will be prepared from the sensor cooking menu, smart sensors are guiding the cooking process form start to finish. They will automatically adjust the duration and power according to the percentage of humidity coming from the food.