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Chef Touch system features a Vacuum Machine for preserving food with the sous-vide technique, a Steam Oven and a Shock Freezer for rapid chilling and freezing

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Vacuum Machine

The first step to using your Chef Touch System by KitchenAid is to vacuum-seal your raw or fresh ingredients in special pouches using the vacuum machine.  The Vacuum Machine allows you to vacuum seal your raw or fresh ingredients together with their seasonings in special pouches. The machine’s clever design even allows you to safely vacuum-seal liquids.

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Steam Oven

The food in the vacuum-sealed bag can then be cooked in the steam oven and eaten immediately or stored in the fridge or freezer. Choose from the 10 sous-vide cooking functions using either combined or pure steam and your food will be cooked in a gentle, healthy way.

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Shock Freezer

Now that the food is cooked, you can enjoy it straight away or blast-chill the pouch to be stored in the fridge, or shock-freeze it to be kept in the freezers. Once your food is cooked, you can enjoy it straight away, blast chill the pouch for fridge preparation, or shock-freeze it for freezer preparation. The KitchenAid Shock Freezer allows you to chill or freeze food in a very short time, without losing or altering any of the flavour, aroma or nutritional value.

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Inspired by the professional world, Chef Touch combines three high-level tools in one system, delivering outstanding results time after time..