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Craft Radiant Meals With Low Profile Electric Stove Tops From KitchenAid

Designed to fit seamlessly into the modern kitchen and match the whimsy of any home cook, KitchenAid® electric cooktops provide flexibility and power to meet whatever new cooking challenges you’re trying. The low-profile and untethered design allows you to install an electric cooktop anywhere within your kitchen – whether it’s serving as a primary cooking surface, or a supplemental warmer to prep large meals. Inner- and outer-ring radiant elements on select burners give you versatility to adjust heat and cooking size based on your cookware, and an Even-Heat™ function on our electric stove tops that ensures the proper power level is used for soups, sauces and more. You can also choose between a touch-activated electric cooktop for an easy-to-clean surface, or premium metal control knobs for a more classic design. Shop our electric cooktops today to find the model that pairs best with your kitchen and your culinary aspirations.