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5KFP1444DCA BASE MSRP:₨.23,740.00
BASE MSRP: ₨.24,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.23,740.00 BASE MSRP:₨.24,990.00
14-Cup Food Processor

Top Features:  KitchenAid® ExactSlice™ System
KitchenAid® ExactSlice™ System:
The first ever externally adjustable slicing, KitchenAid® ExactSlice™ System gives you precise slicing and accuracy for all kinds of food hard or soft, large or small. And it does it all using less energy with just a single slide of the lever on the outside.
3 in 1 Ultra Wide Mouth™ Feed Tube
3 in 1 Ultra Wide Mouth™ Feed Tube:
The 3 in 1 Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube has 3 pushers that fit inside each other, enabling you to process different sizes of food. Slice a whole potato using the entire feed tube and large food pusher. Get perfect cucumber slices with the medium feed tube and pusher.
UltraTight™ Seal
UltraTight™ Seal:
The UltraTight™ Seal Features a specially designed locking system with leak-resistant ring that allows you to completely fill the work bowl with ingredients without worrying about any spillages of liquids or flour.
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5KFC3511DCU BASE MSRP:₨.3,890.00
BASE MSRP: ₨.4,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.3,890.00 BASE MSRP:₨.4,990.00
3.5 Cup Food Chopper with One Touch Operation and 2 Speeds

Top Features:  3.5-Cup BPA-Free Bowl and Lid
3.5-Cup BPA-Free Bowl and Lid:
3.5-Cup BPA-Free Bowl and Lid
Stainless Steel Blade
Stainless Steel Blade:
The uniquely designed Stainless Steel Blade chops and purees.
2-Speed (CHOP/PUREE), one-touch operation
2-Speed (CHOP/PUREE), one-touch operation:
2-Speed Operation offers the flexibility to CHOP or PUREE your food of choice. Ideal for single serving sizes, chopping fresh vegetables (garlic, peppers, etc.) or pureeing dressings and sauces.
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Displaying 2 out of 2 items
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