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Maximum Extraction Juicer (Slow Juicer | Cold Press Juicer)

The KitchenAid® Maximum Extraction Juicer (Slow Juicer) gives you more juice with less prep work, featuring a patented Two Stage Blade and Auger System and Wide Chute. This juicer also comes with 3 pulp screens for low pulp, high pulp and sauces. Perfect for hard, soft or leafy fruits and vegetables.


Onyx Black Candy Apple
Candy Apple  -  5KVJ0111BCA


Two Stage Slow Juicing Technology with Stainless Steel Pre-slicing Blade and Auger Assembly

For maximum extraction of juice with less prep work and less foam.

Three Pulp Screens

Low pulp, high pulp and saucing/jams: Choice of pulp preference for a wide variety of foods like smooth herb and vegetable juices, savoury coulis, thick fruit purees and sweet jams.

2 In 1 Extra Wide Feed Tube with Hopper

Accommodates various sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables while reducing pre cutting.

Optimized Slow Juicing Speed with Reverse Function

Juice anything from herbs to fruits and vegetables. Reverse speed for unclogging food during the extraction.

Premium Die Cast Metal Construction

Sturdy, stable and easy to clean.


Configuration and Overview

50 / 60 HZ
250 W
RPM(for both forward and reverse)


Material juicing bowl
BPA free ultimate crystal plastic
Material body
Die Cast Metal

Dimensions & Weight

11.3 kg
17.27 cm
45.47 cm
29.2 cm


2 in 1 Wide Feed Tube And Food Pusher
For a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
Screen/Juicing Bowl Wiper Basket
Wipes the screen non stop in juicing bowl, while in use, to produce juice without clogging. Red wiper blades are made out of flexible rubber.
1 L Juicing Bowl
Made out of BPA free plastic.
Pulp Container
To place under the pulp ejector, chute. Made out of BPA free plastic.
Small Container With Measurement Markings
Small juice container (800 ml) with measurement markings. Made out of BPA free plastic.
Auger / Blade Assembly
Includes a stainless steel slicing blade to place inside one of the screens. Plastic auger and polished stainless steel blade.
Screen Low Pulp
Leaves less pulp for a more convenient juice to drink. Made out of polished stainless steel.
Screen High Pulp
Leaves more pulp for a thicker juice. Made out of polished stainless steel.
Screen Saucing / Jams
Leaves no pulp for sauces, jellies and jams. Made out of polished stainless steel.
Cleaning Brush
To clean out any stuck food or residue in the screens. Has white bristles and a scraper.
Foam Screen
For less foam build up and seeds / particles in your juice. Use the foam screen to strain these sediments before they go into the juice.
Screen Bag
Made out of white canvas with embroidered logo.
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