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BASE MSRP:₨.5,500.00
2-Slice Toaster with Manual Lift Lever

Top Features:  2 Extra-Wide Slots
2 Extra-Wide Slots:
1 1/2 inches wide to accommodate whatever you're toasting - bagels, english muffins, thick breads and more.
Bagel Function
Bagel Function:
Reduces the power on one side of the heating elements by 50% to gently brown the outer side of the bagel, while toasting the inside.
Adjustable Shade Control
Adjustable Shade Control:
From 1 (light) to 5 (dark) for toast just the way you like it.
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5KMT223GER BASE MSRP:₨.8,200.00
BASE MSRP: ₨.8,500.00

BASE MSRP:₨.8,200.00 BASE MSRP:₨.8,500.00
2 Slice Toaster

Top Features:  Extra Wide 3.8cm Slots
Extra Wide 3.8cm Slots:
Handle the thickest crumpets, breads or pastries easily. Both slots are 3.8cm wide to accommodate whatever you’re toasting.
Digital Display with Countdown Timer
Digital Display with Countdown Timer:
Illuminates which toasting shade and function you have chosen, as well as a progress bar that counts down the toasting time.
One-Touch Motorized Lift Control
One-Touch Motorized Lift Control:
Raises and lowers bread, even in the middle of a cycle.
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BASE MSRP:₨.18,990.00 BASE MSRP:₨.19,990.00
Pro Line® Series 2-Slice Automatic Toaster

Top Features:  Auto Keep Warm
Auto Keep Warm:
The Auto Keep Warm initiates when toast hasn't been removed from the toaster within 45 seconds. Toast automatically lowers to keep warm, for up to three minutes.
Multiple functions
Multiple functions:
Bagel - Perfect for bagels and buns: toasts the inside, warms the outside.Frozen-Gently defrosts and toasts frozen bread. Sandwich - Prepares delicious, no-drip toasted sandwiches.Toast - Bread is lowered into the self-centering racks upon sensing bread in a slot, then lifts bread when it has reached the selected shade.
7 Shade Settings
7 Shade Settings:
7 Shade Settings allow you to choose precisely how light or dark you want your toast.
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Displaying 3 out of 3 items
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