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KOQCX45600 BASE MSRP:₨.269,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.269,990.00
34 L Combi Steamer

Top Features:  Pure Steam
Pure Steam:
KitchenAid Steamer combi generates a pure steam by a boiler at the side of the oven. This wraps the food like a cloud giving your food an absolutely fresh and new flavor. Nutritious & healthy at the same time, making your food great.
10 Sous-Vide Functions
10 Sous-Vide Functions:
Recipes of Sous-vide cooking is a multiple function composed of 10 modes that you can experiment with, passing through the most exciting type of cuisines.
Convection Cooking
Convection Cooking:
Combining the strength of the most classic and traditional cuisine with the force of a more innovative one, the convection cooking takes on a new value in a KitchenAid Steam oven, giving you a new way to cook healthy in your kitchen.

KVXXX44600 BASE MSRP:₨.429,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.429,990.00
Vacuum Machine

Top Features:  17 Ltr Vacuum Sealing machine
17 Ltr Vacuum Sealing machine:
Intuition starts with this 17Ltr Vacuum sealing machine. The food cooked in Sous-vide pouches at low-temperature shall not only multiply the taste of your favourite dish but also maintain the flavour and nutritional properties for longer.
From 0 to 5mbar residual pressure
From 0 to 5mbar residual pressure:
Professional results at your fingertips. By ensuring a high vacuum (the residual pressure in the pouch is just 5 mbar compared to the 350-500 mbar typically achieved by standard consumer vacuum sealers), this machine creates the ideal conditions to ensure the longer-lasting freshness demanded by a real professional chef.
Vacuum cycle for pouches
Vacuum cycle for pouches:
Just press Bag Cycle to create a vacuum in the special KitchenAid pouches for professional results at your fingertips.

KCBSX60600 BASE MSRP:₨.599,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.599,990.00
Shock Freezer

Top Features:  Blast Chill for short period storage
Blast Chill for short period storage:
With the Blast chilling function, you can quickly cool the food immediately after cooking, suggested for those food to be consumed after chilling process, or for heating the dishes prepared the day before. The KitchenAid shock freezer allows to blast chill from +90°C to +3°C in max 90 Min.
Shock Freeze for long period storage
Shock Freeze for long period storage:
With this shock freezer, you can freeze food immediately after cooking and thereby shock freeze and store valuable ingredients and ready cooked meals for longer storage of time. The KitchenAid shock freezer allows to Shock Freeze from +90°C to -18°C in max 4 Hours
Professional Freezing Method
Professional Freezing Method:
Water contained in food solidifies rapidly forming MICROCRYSTALS. Thanks to their very small dimensions, food cell membrane don’t tear. In this way food keeps TASTE, FLAVOUR and NUTRITIONAL VALUES also in the freezer. This is the freezing method used by professionals, as adapted in the shock Freezer.
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Displaying 3 out of 3 items