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Pour Over Coffee brew


Automated pour over coffee technology is not like that of a drip coffee maker. Unlike drip coffee makers that continuously flood the brew basket, the new KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer precisely heats and pulses the flow of water, steeping in the same manner as the manual pour over process, allowing the grounds to “bloom.” The result is bright, clean and full flavored coffee without diluting due to over-soaking.

Elements of Good Taste

Exceptional taste of bright, clean and full flavoured cup of coffee.

Precise extraction


Water heats to the optimal range of 200°F at the top of the brewer, minimizing heat loss during the extraction process.


24-hour programmability ensures that coffee can be ready at a precise time, day or night.

Flavour Profile

Mimics barista craftsmanship of gentle pour over extraction for a clean and bright cup of coffee.

Roast Selector

With one touch medium and dark roast settings allows you to taste all the subtleties and flavor within these different roasts.

Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Pour Over Coffee Brewer allows the grounds to “bloom.” The result is bright, clean and full-flavored coffee at the press of a button.