5 Speed Diamond Blender

Premium Design.
Powerful Results.

Chop, mix, puree, liquify and experience the ultimate blending performance with an exclusive diamond blending technique.

  • Diamond Blending System for smooth experience
  • 5 Speeds, Pulse Mode, Crush Ice & Hot Foods Feature
  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control
  • 1.75 L BPA-Free Pitcher

*Attachments are sold separately.

reasons to Buy

4.7 L Glass Bowl

Powerful Diamond Blending System

A robust motor, unique one-piece, BPA-Free diamond pitcher, stainless steel blades and electronic controls create a powerful vortex for exceptional blending results.

KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater

Special Feature: Hot Foods Button

The hot foods function along with soft start feature blends the hot food gradually at increasing speed to blend it thoroughly.

Wire Whisk

Intuitive Intelli-Speed Control

A smart feature that senses the contents and maintains optimal speed to blend any ingredient thoroughly.

Artisan Power Blender

Powerful Performance.
Precise Results.

Beat the toughest ingredients and blend them to perfection for your juices, soups, smoothies and more.

  • Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor for reduced prep time and increased speed of service.
  • 11 Speeds precision power dial
  • Simple controls and "Icy Drink" program allow for easy operation
  • 2.6 L BPA-free Thermal Control Jar with Soft Touch removable handle grip

*Attachments are sold separately.

reasons to Buy

Dough Hook

2.6 L BPA-Free Jar with Ingredient Measuring Cap

Easily measure and add ingredients while blending: the removable ingredient measuring cap allows you to add ingredients while blending to get the perferct recipe.

Flat Beater

Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor

Our Power Blender quickly and easily blends everything, creating fruit and vegetable smoothies, silky and smooth soups, juices, nut butters, dressings and more.

Pouring Shield

Optimum Speed for Flawless Results

The Power Blender offers continuous variable speed control, from low to high speeds, to meet all recipe's specific needs.

Blenders and juicers differ greatly. To understand more about which is used for what, we have a short explanation below. Both can process fruits into a nutritious drink, but the result is very different. Take a look:

A juicer separates the fibre from the rest of the fruit or vegetables. This leaves only the juice to drink and the remaining pulp is discarded. You will be able to pack more fruit and veggies into your drink and they will be easily digestible.

 A blender  processes the entire fruit or vegetable and will create thicker drinks such as smoothies. This takes longer to digest and will keep you feeling full and satisfied.
Smoothies can replace an entire meal and are easy for on-the-go lifestyles.

Healthy Meals with KitchenAid Blender:
Different Texture Different Recipes

Fresh Tomato Soup With Blue Cheese Croutons

Fresh and Healthy Soup at home.

Chai Spiced Carrot Cake With Crystalized Ginger Icing

Upgrade your love for Chai.

Homemade Peanut Butter

Healthy begins at home!


Diamond Blender

Diamond Blender

KitchenAid Diamond Blender, with an exclusive diamond blending system, allows you to crush ice cubes, puree soft fruits or blend extra-thick milkshakes with equal ease and efficiency.

  • 0.9 HP Motor
  • 1.75L BPA-Free Jar
  • 5 speeds
  • 2,000 to 11,500 Motor RPM
  • Soft Start
Power Blender

Power Blender

KitchenAid Artisan Power Blender is built for convenience with features such as variable speeds, PULSE and BOOST that gives you better control over the consistency of your blending.

  • 3.5 Peak HP Motor**
  • 2.6L BPA-Free Jar
  • 11 speeds
  • 1,000 to 24,000 Motor RPM
  • Soft Start

KitchenAid Blenders

Welcome to KitchenAid’s family of kitchen blenders! KitchenAid has created a range of kitchen stand blenders by keeping the needs of true makers in mind. Whether you want to blend, puree, grind or crush, these KitchenAid stand blenders will ensure that you experience the best of texture and taste.

There are few kitchen tools as versatile and useful as a blender, a culinary essential with the ability to liquefy, puree, mix, and chop at just a press of a button. But just as no two kitchens or cooks are the same, blenders also come in a variety of sizes and options to be sorted through.

Introducing you to our star performer in the kitchen, the KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender: Create smooth, delicious results with a blender designed to tackle the toughest ingredients. Equipped with a robust motor, special ‘Hot Foods’ feature, 1.75L BPA-free Diamond pitcher, the KitchenAid Diamond Blender is made for more than just smoothies.

The Artisan Power Blender is another powerful kitchen blender from our range of kitchen stand blenders. It comes with variable speeds ranging from 1-11 to make sure that no matter how tough the ingredients are, the end result is always smooth, just the way you want. Our kitchen blender comes with a jar that is capable of making everything from soups, nut butters to smoothies and sauces. Get inspired with the turn of a dial as you try your hand at unexpected recipes and imaginative dishes.

*Attachments sold separately.