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5KSB1585DER BASE MSRP:₨.14,000.00
BASE MSRP: ₨.14,300.00

BASE MSRP:₨.14,000.00 BASE MSRP:₨.14,300.00
4 Speed Diamond Blender

Top Features:  Diamond Blending System
Diamond Blending System:
The diamond blending system ensures that all ingredients blend together quickly and efficiently. A robust motor, unique one-piece, BPA-Free diamond pitcher, stainless steel blades and electronic controls combine to create a powerful vortex that is fast and thorough for exceptional blending results.
Intelli-Speed Motor Control
Intelli-Speed Motor Control:
The Intelli-Speed® Motor Control senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients.
4 Speeds,Pulse Mode, Crush Ice & Hot Foods Feature
4 Speeds,Pulse Mode, Crush Ice & Hot Foods Feature:
Chop, mix, puree or liquify. Pulse mode works with all speeds for staggered blending, while the crush ice feature pulses at precise intervals for optimal ice crushing results and the hot foods function Blends the hot food slowly at first and then gradually increases the blending speed to blend thoroughly.
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5KSB7068BER BASE MSRP:₨.49,300.00
BASE MSRP: ₨.52,990.00

BASE MSRP:₨.49,300.00 BASE MSRP:₨.52,990.00
Artisan Power Blender

Top Features:  Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor**
Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor**:
Blends tough ingredients, fast without bogging down. Blend everything from fruit and vegetables smoothies to silky, smooth juices, nut butters, dressings and more. **Please see the Use and Care Guide for more details regarding blender use and performance.
Patented Asymmetric Stainless Steel Blade
Patented Asymmetric Stainless Steel Blade:
Blends on four different planes, creating a dynamic vortex for smooth, consistent results.
Patented Flex Edge Tamper
Patented Flex Edge Tamper:
Helps push ingredients into the blending vortex, and scrapes the sides of the jar so everything is blended evenly.
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BASE MSRP:₨.53,900.00 BASE MSRP:₨.57,990.00
Artisan Power Plus Blender With Thermal Control Jar

Top Features:  The Most Powerful* Blender
The Most Powerful* Blender:
When testing the actual blender power output at the blade using a dynamometer, a machine laboratories use to measure mechanical power, this KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender with it's heavy-duty motor and advanced motor control board, produces more power than the leading competitors.
Talon Asymmetric Stainless Steel Blade
Talon Asymmetric Stainless Steel Blade:
The 3mm thick hardened stainless steel blade easily easily powers through dense, tough ingredients and helps blend at 4 different angles to pull ingredients into the blade, ensuring a thorough blend.
11 + Variable Speeds
11 + Variable Speeds:
Offers Precision Power Dial which gives continuous variable speed from 1-11, for complete control from low to high speeds.
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Sort by Price High or Low or Newest Products
Displaying 3 out of 3 items
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